Towards a Fulfilling Creative Life

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I’ve not been writing lately (past a year) and I thought maybe this year I will share some insights on achieving a creative and fulfilled life. But first, here’s what I’ve been cultivating on my daily life:

1. Meditate each day using Headspace
2. Journalling my day and 3 things I’m grateful for
3. Learn to love others = love myself
4. Boxing/Muay Thai 3x a week
5. Improving front-end development skills

I think everyone can relate that there are some years that things seem pretty normal or chaotic. But such is life, and it’s better to smile and live artfully in dealing with it yourself.

One of the concepts I have embraced as a creative is flow and momentum.

Flow happens when you do something you love and you wish there wasn’t a distraction that stopped you. A lot of wonderful things can happen in a flow state on consciousness, and by putting distractions away such as your phone, emails, Skype, slack, or tablet… you can give focused attention on your creative work.

Momentum is a different thing and takes some willpower – day in and day out. It is something like a ritual, where you build consistent actions without fail and not let emotions take over. For example, each day I build upon my happiness by meditating, and day after day I began to live more aware and conscious of how I’m feeling and nature around me.

Momentum is important in growth and when you face a trauma of some kind. It takes time to heal and get better when something throws us off balance, and an overnight fix will not work. By embracing that we can come out of it by creating positive momentum forward, we can at least have the hope that life is improving each day.

Taking a step further, Momentum weeds out the things that aren’t important to your growth, and these are harmless distractions such as TV, Gaming or un-productive work/hobbies. Keep a record, be accountable and most importantly keep a vision of your intended outcome.

So, if you’re reading this and think ‘Where’s my life going forward?’ or ‘Why am I always stuck?’ I hope the concept of Flow and Momentum, can benefit you in small, positive and tangible ways.

As for achieving goals, here’s some wisdom – pursue goals that you can control each day (e.g. run 15 minutes a day), and also have faith in the outcomes that aren’t in your control.

And lastly… stop being too critical of what others think and just do what makes you happy.

Best wishes,

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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