On Being an Exceptional Freelance Professional

For the past 2 years, I have been steadily growing my work and clients as a freelance UX/UI Designer. I would like to share my personal thoughts for anyone looking to make that jump into the freelance world. Well, let’s begin with the most important one.

1. Consistency

Consistency is ensuring your your clients know and can expect the results that you will deliver for them. It is also important to bring up time consistency as this builds your reliability and trust. The best freelancers are those that respond and deliver on time – consistently.

2. Time & Task Management

Similar to consistency, you time & task management is important as projects keep coming in and datelines are looming. I use the free Notes app from Apple, but you can use a variety of apps such as Evernote or Wunderlist which will help you keep track of your tasks.

3. Communication

There will be days when you will encounter some miscommunication, but one thing I learned to develop is the skill to understand with intuition – knowing how to respond for a better outcome. As freelancers, we play a part in ‘customer service’ and should develop a pleasant style of communication. I would always assure my clients that they can contact me if they needed help. Small actions like these, is what makes you professional.

4. Be the Best

Learn to take every hour of the day to build your skills or learn something new in your field. Clients like to work with people who are knowledgeable and highly skilled, and becoming that should be a priority if you want to be looked upon as a professional freelancer.

5. Overdeliver

There are many ways you can harness the power of ‘overdelivering’. One way simple way, is by doing extra research on how you can create something of greater value for your client. Why do we overdeliver? Simply because it gives a great feeling of value to your client. Overdelivering doesn’t have to be sacrificing your time or money, it can simply be offering a freebie or care package for your client.

It takes a change of habit, motivation and lifestyle to continue living successfully as a freelancer. Perhaps I will write more about it on my next post! But in terms of work, always believing that what you do provides great value for others is the best motivation that will excite your day.

Feel free to share you thoughts below, and get connected with me 🙂

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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