Balance of Imbalance: ‘Embrace the Suck’

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“Everybody get smash in the beginning, it’s just what you have to go through. So don’t fight it, just embrace it. Embrace the suck cuz it’s not for everyone.”

Chewy, on Jiu Jitsu for White belts.

I was once idealistic towards life, and now I began to see how the art of balance and imbalance is part of life. There are two camps of people who want control and total balance, and the other would believe in total imbalance. I believe there is a season for both.

Achieving more happiness at this time might be my priority now, and this is when I say no to many potential projects – no matter how good the money is. As of right now, I will have a meeting with a potential client, and will be prepared to turn down a project.

But, there are seasons in life, when money is important and you should work extra hard to focus on your business and career. This is when you pull away distractions and spend more time building up.

Look at it as how a UFC Fighter prepares for their fights. After a major fight, there is a process of recovery and rest. A fighter might slowly retreat back in their zone, do some regular workouts, spend more time with family and indulge if wanted. The period of recovery is practical and builds happiness towards the people that supported them. Towards Fight Night, a fighter will go through training camp, physio and health preparations to perform in their optimum form. In the octagon, a fighter’s focus & attitude is crucial and so is winning.

Looking at life as a season of imbalance in meaning and money is something I’m learning to balance. The outcomes with meaning + money = momentum and this has been shared in the book Hustle. I’ve also wrote about momentum in Towards a Fulfilling Creative Life.

When money and meaning are in homeostasis, something magical occurs. In the same way that oxygen and carbon dioxide are both necessary for you to breathe without thought, money and meaning work together to create the most wonderful life force: momentum.

Hustle: The Power the Change Your Life with Money, Meaning and Momentum

Whether you are a creative that believes in your work > money or a business manager that wants more money > happiness. I believe we can all have good money, career and happiness. Don’t live in lack of one over the other, you deserve what you believe you deserve.

I’d like to end from a quote by Picasso that sums it up, ‘It’s often been said that an artist ought to work for himself, for the ‘love of art,’ that he ought to have contempt for success. Untrue!’

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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