Thoughts on Flow, Swimming & Design Work

Flow takes us into deeper levels of thought.

Every time when I am in the waters, it tunes me to pure reflection and being. It can be said the same in the things you enjoy. Whether it is playing the piano, painting or any kind of work.

There are times when the feelings of pressure, meeting datelines or environmental factors hinder us from our creativity and clarity of thought. We have to learn how to be in the flow, one way is by allocating a 5 – 10 minute break for mindfulness.

Peace & calmness takes you further. Anxiety stops the motion.

Swimming helps me as much as meditation does. It’s my favourite form of exercise where your whole body is in activity and breathing strengthens your heart. I learned to appreciate swimming when an ex-colleague of mine was speaking to me about it. From then on, it has been my go-to exercise.

What swimming has thought me is that the mind plays a huge difference.

The skills in swimming are not as important after you have learned it. But your mind can be in states of deep thought, awareness or anxiety. What happens whenever I panic about my breath? I realise my breath gets shorter and I could not continue the lap. But when I am in deep thought, I can accomplish it easily.

The same goes to how we work. Anxiety or stress will hinder your progress. We might have a lot of work, but if we just have to ‘get it done through the late nights’ it will affect us in some way. I use to believe in working hard and long, but then I know in the end – I am not producing something that I am proud of and which I know I could do better.

Deep Flow is energy, it’s power. It’s single minded focus that accomplishes great things.

Periodically, we have to learn to be aware of our state of mind; and practice short meditations or an exercise such as swimming! This might be a challenge for some, but with deliberate practice, you’ll realise a big difference in how much you can accomplish with a little investment of your time.

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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