why I am a ux designer

Why I Am A UX Designer

What led me to UX Design was kind of by accident.

I was fascinated with technology while growing up. I use to play Pacman on a desktop, and owning a few games on PlayStation. I started as a consumer who is passionate on creating digital experiences.

From a consumer, I shifted to understanding how things work. From how music can be composed with samplers, to how games are developed with Unity. I love the complexity, the creativity and absorbed it.

Finding one’s true purpose is hard in the midst of several different areas in the tech industry. But one I became more passionate and about was User Experience design or UX Design.

Like many, I am aesthetically bothered by the poor interface of websites that don’t give a sh*t about their users. I created this site, to share how you can improve your own UX and why it’s important. The term UX Designer started becoming important and it’s because users care about being cared about.

My favourite question to ask any entrepreneur is, why are they creating this app? For in a split second, I can tell if it’s for profit, for fun or whether they care about being in the shoes of a user. How can you tell? simply look at how they react.

This is how I judge if whether my work is of value to them or their users. See the difference? My advice to UX Designers – choose to work with project you believe in. Do not get into it just for profit, understand that what you are working on is your life’s work.

Sometimes I can be upfront. I tell people who want to work with me directly that it is my role as a UX Designer to care and understand users, and what I do is to at a certain level more important than your opinions. This is sometimes hard for who you’re working with to swallow, but great leaders should embrace it.

As a UX Designer, what you do should not be just seen as creating ‘mockups and wireframes’. Your shoes fill in the ‘life’ of an app. Let me repeat, you are the LIFE of that lifeless thing we call an app (or website) is.

Hence, our hearts and intentions matter. Whether we think of it as ‘just a restaurant app’ or ‘gps app’, everything has to touch on how we feel for the users.

This is why I am a UX Designer. My passion to create better experiences are what drives me. Besides being knowledgeable in apps and websites, I think we should learn to not only understand users, but let our driving force be something personal that we want to bring for our users.

If you have any thoughts to share, please write on the comments below. If you would like to get to know me, catch me Instagram.

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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