My Mark

Client: StampMyMark
Date: February 20, 2017
Services: Website Design, UX/UI Design

01. Overview

MyMark is a web application for anyone to create their own website – store, blog, portfolio with powerful tool such as Social Analytics, Advertising along with it’s web builder.

The project was to design the website for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone. The client requested that the site closely resembles the style of and the work was sent for further iterations. The web design project covers over 50 designs to present mobile responsive compatibility.

02. Desktop Experience

The Desktop design is approached with a minimal and modern concept that gives users a clear view of the content. This is the based on a content-first design that waters down towards the designs for Mobile.

03. Mobile Design

After the web design was finalised, we continued with the tablet and mobile design. The designs were based on responsive design guidelines and for better readability for mobile users.

04. Style

The modern and minimalist approach towards the design involved a standard for colours and spacing for each elements. A style guide was created to build upon a strong reference towards the branding of the site.


By understanding the user flow and content needed, the designs are then put in place. The aim was also to allow animations to enhance content and UX delight.

Efficient Design

To speed up the workflow, Sketch plugins were implemented and Symbols were created to minimise work across all screens.

05. Conclusion

The project is currently under development from the time the design was handed over.

Client: StampMyMark
Date: February 20, 2017
Services: Website Design, UX/UI Design
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