Sim Corner

SimCorner provides affordable international SIM cards for travellers. The company is based in Australia and needed an improvement on their existing e-commerce store.

Client: SimCorner, Web Design Market
Services: Web Design, UX Design
/ Intro + Magento

Being new to Magento, I researched on Web and UI examples and how sites used the platform.

It was a process where I learned to understand how the UI elements work and the different plugins that Magento has. The second part of the process was to gather style and color themes from SimCorner’s existing site and create a style guide template for the future site.


Using Sketch, I went straight in to Web Design without the need for Wireframes. The userflow is straight-forward and my goal was to create a modern and clean UI from the existing site.

I’ve designed 20 pages that covers Login, About, Shop, Contact, Checkout and Activation. During this time, I gathered some feedback from the client and agency to improve on the design.

The process was smooth and once finalised, I prepared a handoff for the developer that consisted of the project files.


As the site is ready to be live, I went through the site and check if there were any broken paths or UI that needed to be improved.

There were fixes for the alerts, buttons, and the main pages that needed more clarity for the user. For example, the home was initially in “Indonesia, Prepaid Sim” and to improve I added clarity with “Indonesia – Get your Prepaid Sim”.

Some animations were implemented by the developer, such as Pop, Expand and Fade Out when hover. In my opinion, animations could be a distraction to users and appears cheesy when overdone. I created a list of things that needed to be corrected and this has been an effective way as I could prove my points to the Project Manager as well.