A project to design “NZ’s Best Priced Supplement Store”. More than just create an e-commerce store, the website integrates service design to help users find the best supplement for their body and goals.

Client: Arin Gunness
Date: June 24, 2016
Services: UX Design, Web Design, Interactive Prototype
/ UX Design

After receiving the brief on the project, I designed wireframes for the website. This includes the Landing page, Perfect Stack, Store, Product, Blog Article and Contact Us page. After going through a few iterations and finding the best way layout for the pages, we worked on the Visual Design.

/ Visual Design

The Creative Direction for the website is clean, modern and engaging for fitness enthusiasts. Each section and component is designed for clarity and incorporates micro-interactions that allow users to engage. Large visuals are also used as it is a common thread for fitness websites.

/ Interactive Prototype

By using Principle, I created an interactive prototype for user clicks and page scroll. The final prototype was then presented to clients and stakeholders.

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