5 Best Free Prototyping Tools for Apps & Web

5 Best Free Prototyping Tools for Apps & Web

The UX Designer’s toolkit includes having reliable and fast prototyping tools for design. You have software tools such as Principle and Flinto that does the job pretty quickly, web app based tools such as Marvel and Invision, and code style prototyping in Framer.js.

Today, many are using these tool mainly to get their idea across. They might not necessarily need multiple projects and would like the easiest and most compatible tool out there. Here, we have gathered 5 Best Free Prototyping Tools that you can use right away without the hassle of a 30-day trial.

1. InVision

Invision Prototyping

InVision is a web-based application that allows quick prototyping for your mobile app or website. We highly recommend using InVision for beginners or those who need a quick prototype because it is simple to use, and allows you to share project links to anyone.

Invision Prototype

InVision allows you to create 1 project for free. If you need more than one, you will need to upgrade to their Pro Account, which is quite affordable. There is a ton of features as well – Transferring ownerships, downloading prototypes and Sketch plugin extensions that can be integrated to Sketch to sync your project files.

In my experience as a UX Designer, InVision solves a lot of client work problems. Therefore, I would also recommend this for designers who want a reliable tool when working on a client project.

2. Marvel

Marvel is a tool similar to InVision, and allows you to create prototypes for Websites, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Android. It has an intuitive interface and features integration with Sketch and sharing project links.

Marvel App Project

Marvel is a great tool for beginners. Begin by dragging your wireframes or screen designs into Marvel after you have named your project. Click on the screens you want to edit, and you can comment or create an interaction with other screens. You can use Marvel for 2 projects in the free version, and prices goes up to $14/month for unlimited projects.

3. Vectr

Vectr is a free vector based graphic design software which is new in the market. It’s an amazing tool which you should try out, capable of not only vector graphic design, but also mobile and UI Design. It is available for use Online and as a Mac / PC application.

One of the reasons why we listed Vectr here is because anyone can simply give it a try and use the software without limitations. Also, Vectr allows you to share project URL links to your team and clients.

4. Webflow

Webflow is used mainly for web design for those who do not want to write code. For the free account, you can create 2 websites on their platform, but without the benefits of having a custom url or web hosting. However, you are able to share your projects to people and learn how to use their platform.

Webflow Example
An example of a site build with Webflow

We recommend Webflow for those who have some experience in responsive web design, as some concepts might be new for a beginner. For designers who are building their skills in web development, or want to learn a new skill, this will be one of the best tools you can master and perhaps in the future, use it on your client work.

5. Form

Form by Relative Wave

Form is a native prototyping tool for iOS. You can download it for free and run it on Mac computer. The prototypes you can create with Form are only for Mobile iOS and Android. You can pair it with connected devices and test while you work.

Form Prototype Project

Form is a great tool for those seeking to build native prototypes and high-fidelity animations.


We hope you like this guide on finding best free prototyping tools, as we believe this will help in your UX/UI work. There is an upcoming tool which seems promising called Easee. You can register right now to get early access of their release.

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