Designing better by first - not designing 😉


Businesses strive in the most competitive ways. We understand users and know how to put technology and design ahead of your competitors.

From Mobile to Web Development, we can work together to merge raw ideas into reality. Whether your plan to invest in a startup you believe in, or to enhance an existing app, we can most assuredly help you through out the process.

UX Design

UX/UI Proposal
UX Research
Information Architecture
User Testing

UI/Visual Design 

Style Guide
Mobile iOS Design
Mobile Android Design
Responsive Web Design
Web Application Design
Sketch / illustration
Dev Documentation

Interaction Design

Interaction Style Guide
Javascript/CSS Animation
User Behaviour
Habitual Interaction
User Interaction Analytics
Frictionless & Delightful Design

“Extremely responsive, took feedback well and the work quality was excellent. I was impressed with the wireframes provided and she was very thoughtful about the interaction design.“

Matthew Holder

“Tracey was by far the best communicator and the most reasonably priced. Thank you for all of your accommodations and for such wonderful work! Hope to do more in the future with you.“

Alexandra Vu

``Great experience - if you need wireframe work don't look elsewhere and come straight to Tracey. The quality and value for money is simply the best!``

Rahul Parmar


Based in K.L., do come and have a friendly meet up over a cup of coffee or conference call.


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