Going forward to 2030 – 2050, UI will be part of us.
GUIs are a thing we reminisce; as we continue to expand our digital consumption towards distributed applications for connected devices, equipment, wearables etc. – which leads us towards Spatial Computing.

Today, we are at the early stages towards the convergence of AI, Blockchain and XR. Industries and the web are maturing into Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0. Extended Reality devices will soon be affordable and has now show signs of adoption in the Healthcare industry. Once technological maturity has reached, and introduced to society, the demand for good usability and design interoperability will be needed.

The human experienced is more dispersed and we are as a species were not adapted for it, until now. That said, the key thought I hope to convey is for the designer to stand against unethical UX practices and to pursue projects that leads us forward. Design for simplicity and give users more UI autonomy. User-centric product design over corporate control.