UX is Over? Nope.

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Recently I came across a Youtube video recommendation titled The Golden Age of UX is Over! How clickbait-y, and I find it very skewed towards UX design and not UX as a whole.

UX is like a religion, it is NEVER over. Therefore, this video has sadly misinformed many young ux designers that I see over the comments. To clear things up, I wrote a comment.

Firstly, it mentions that ‘good user experience is already expected’. Let me argue that UX is a wide field that encompasses not just design – it is not just expected, it need to be constantly evaluated and reiterated. True UX practitioners don’t just stop at design, it goes deep into analytics and service design – interaction, journey and relationship levels.

Secondly, it states that we should “get insight into how marketing works.” and talks about learning the business side of things. Well, it’s not wrong but this is watering down the role of a UX practitioner – seemingly down playing the role that we ought to be generalist.

“I recommend the book UX Strategy by Jaime Levy. UX Designers are different than UX Stategists.” – I commented.

UX Strategy is a specific field pioneered by Jaime Levy and in her book she writes about the 4 pillars of UX Strategy: Business Strategy, Value Innovation, Validated User Research and Killer UX.

I find this video disrespectful to all the leading figures that has contributed so much of their research and time into user experience. UX will evolve, but it is never going away as long as we are enslaved by technology.

“UX has been around for 25 years and evolving. The Golden Age of UX Design, as you put it, is not over. It is, however, on a decline as UX is being taken over by unqualified people and “adopted” by companies that have no idea what UX is or what the value is to the organization.” – Darren Hood (YouTube Comment)

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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