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On Designing Truthfully

Being a UX/UI Designer, sometimes our work might not be, what is mocked up to be.

The nature of my work tends to lean towards creating what looks good for the client. But will it match the end result when it’s being developed in code? How does one design with certainty that the final representation will be as such?

The truth I realise, is really through trial and error.

We create wireframes as best as we can, but we need to realise this is just an idealistic representation – a mock-up. One tip is to produce more layouts (grid, cards or list styles etc.) or different variations to test which works best to represent the information on a page. Most importantly, which will be the final step – test with users and get their thoughts.

Designing truthfully also means that we don’t overdo our mockups. We don’t paint a false image that it is a superior design compared to anything else out there. Because there is no ‘best design’ until further tested and developed in it’s final stages.

If you would like to test for responsive devices, use a Sketch plugin such as Launchpad by Anima and Preview In Browser. Also, gather thoughts from developers – sometimes they might know the best way around things. Lastly, prototype in the early stages will benefit in the long run, and you can use Craft by InVision to link your Sketch file to the Invision app for quick tests.

Mockups don’t have to be clean cut and pretty. Let it represent what it is truthfully, and the more we can justify our mockups the better we become in our judgements.

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Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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