tools I use as a ux ui designer

Software Tools I Use As A UX/UI Designer

I used to be bad at Photoshop.

It was mainly because I was confused at the concepts of layers and blending modes. The only reason I use Photoshop at that time was to edit pictures. Thankfully someone helped me out – an instructor on a video course, and it became a turning point in my life. For once, I felt Photoshop was easy to understand and fun. I began to self-taught myself and go even deeper into vector drawing.

So, the first graphic software I learned was Photoshop. Next, it was Sketch.

The first time I used Sketch, I remember having an ‘awe’ moment. I think Sketch has changed my career at some point. My workflow became more productive and efficient. I began learning more things quickly because of Sketch’s ease. I never had a complaint on Sketch. There were a couple of annoyances, especially when I was using an old MacBook Pro, and their updates couldn’t match my compatibility. Then when I got my MacBook Pro 2017, I had to re-new it’s license because it expires every year.

But Sketch is a great great tool. I have been using it on almost every project I can.

When Affinity Designer came out, I already felt that this was going to be the budgeted Photoshop I needed. Then there were articles written by designers saying this could be next UI Design software standard. I was skeptical, but did not want to be left behind.

So I decided to try Affinity Designer and I liked how it looks and feel. It’s pretty fast, but for UI Design I would still prefer Sketch. AD excels in vector art, and I felt more comfortable using it for that. After all, it is a graphic design software. I also liked Affinity Designer because of it’s Photoshop file (.psd) export. These are handy if the client requires a psd file instead of sketch.

The last tool that I have is Principle.

Learning Principle is really a whole new skill. It takes practice to understand the power and concepts of Principle, but once mastered, you can be an Interaction design guru. I have seen many designers on UpLabs that use Principle to showcase their app animations, and it’s inspiring.

Thanks for reading my roundup of software tools I use as a UX/UI Designer. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Do follow me on Instagram and Twitter for latest updates!

Tracey Wong

Digital Product Designer based in Kuala Lumpur.

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